Remember: Everything is on a round-trip journey. 

Everything, even life itself, is a round-trip journey.  We come from nothing and we’re all guaranteed to go back to the same place we originated from.  It’s really fascinating when we stop and think about the fact that we all have a ticket back to our source; that’s one ride that none of us will be able to miss or delay – no matter how much we’d like to think that we can.

One of the things I’m amazed by during my travels, is how quickly time passes from the moment we initially book a flight and gather our excitements to the point that we land back home and realize it’s all over.  Often we look back and can’t believe that it actually happened.  Upon going to my destination, on the plane I’ve often pondered about the new and exciting experiences I’ll have and am filled with anticipation.  But every time, during my return flight, I’m vexed by the fact that something so wonderful has passed and I couldn’t go back to, or hold on to, a moment of happiness.  There’s nothing I could do except be joyful while recalling my memories and bathe in the wonderful feeling of satisfaction I receive when I realize that I’ve come one step closer to better understanding my place in the world.

Similar to our own temporary experiences of a round-trip journey, I’d say that almost everything in this world has a round-trip journey.  This is especially true for all life forms such as plants and animals.  It’s also true for anything that’s non-living, such as plastic, rocks, metal etc. rocks can break down and turn into sand, plastic can decompose and return to the earth, metal can oxidize and return to its formless state etc.  Our sun will one day return to its dormant state and end its life giving potential.  In fact, even the very universe we live in will certainly return to a state of stagnation and lifelessness.

So the next time you book a trip, be sure to enjoy every moment from the initial excitement of booking that long awaited and exotic destination to the time the wheels of the plane touch back at your home airport.  Recall all of your memories with fondness and warm recollections and than take a step back, observe the whole circle and finally, notice the similarities between this process and the cycle of life.  Observe how quickly time has passed and allow that to give you a feeling of generosity for the time you have left; use that time wisely.

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