Learn how to live in the present moment.

I’ve picked up a lot of life lessons from my travels around the world.  One such lesson came during the most magnificent sunset I’ve ever seen that occurred on the Greek island of Santorini.  Here, after a full day of exploring and making lifelong memories with strangers, we came to the top of this hill, sat down and prepared to watch something that would forever change who we are.

The reason that moments like these are so powerful is that in these moments, we live in the the pure now and feel nothing but bliss.  We’re not concerned about the many small challenges and issues that face us all in life.  Instead, we’re enjoying the present moment with others who share the same level of high energy frequencies as we’re experiencing.

I believe that travel is a powerful tool that allows us to appreciate and return to the present moment.  This is the reason why some become addicted to traveling because, like a drug that brings you to an incredible high, a new destination allows you to awaken all your senses like never before.

Santorini, Greece
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