Wake up somewhere new.

There’s something that I love about waking up in a new destination that’s been unexplored.  I love the fact that I don’t know which way to turn when I walk out the door because either one could lead me to a hidden cafe somewhere.  These little secrets make every trip even more enjoyable and add to the overall experience.

I’ve shared a few pictures of my morning in Granada, Spain where I strolled past the beautiful Alhambra.  I love to find small, hidden cafes in mornings like these because often times, they enhance the overall experience.

Alhambra – Granada, Spain

If you’d like to have these experiences more often, I highly recommend you do very little research before you arrive at a destination and try to save most of it all for discovering it all while wandering around.  Also, stop pulling out your phones and going to nearby places that are highly ranked .. by other people.  Every individual is unique and we all have our own experiences; lets learn to return to that state before technology told us what was best for us.

Alhambra – Granada, Spain

Next time you’re in a new destination, wake up, put on some comfortable walking shoes and lose yourself in a quest to find a great cup of coffee in a world that’s begging to be explored.



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