Always best to live light, travel light.

I just packed for a 7 day trip and I did so in 10 minutes before going to sleep.  Everything I need for the whole next week is nearly packed into one small bag that can easily be carried on any plane.  This includes all the clothes I need for work as well as casual jeans and t-shirts to wear after work and on weekends.  I’ve included a towel, some grooming supplies, my laptop and iPad and some socks and underwear.  Now I’m not telling you all this because I think this is the most interesting topic in the world.  Instead, I’m hoping to show how living a simple life and owning very few things, can be a very rewarding way to live your life.

A long time ago, I made the decision to give away everything that I wouldn’t wear in a single week and only own about two weeks worth of clothes.  I must have given away 4-5 bags worth of charity and every time I put an article of clothing into that plastic bag, my mind got clearer and my subconscious began to relax.  Since than, I’ve made it a rule to give away an article of clothing when/if I buy a new one.  For example, this weekend I purchased a polo shirt and dress shirt but before I added that to my closet, I gave away two other shirts.

I learned this by backpacking around Europe.  That taught me that we can all live (quite happily) by owning very few things.  We can find that all we need to survive can often times be placed in a small bag and carried on our backs.  I’ve come to appreciate what few clothes I own and enjoy but more importantly, limiting my mind from believing it always needs more to happy.  I highly encourage all to backpack for at least a week somewhere in this world to pick up this valuable lesson.

Not only does it make your day-to-day life easier by limiting your choices and reducing time wasted on clothes selection, but it allows you to quickly get up and go anywhere.  This makes its easier for you to access this world because you’re not tied down to anywhere and it doesn’t take you hours (or days) to prepare for a journey.

I used to take days to pack and would often times be awake all night before a trip, simply preparing my bag.  Now I can do that in minutes and go right to sleep. Packing all you need in life in a matter of a few minutes, zipping up that bag and walking out the door of your house is a feeling of freedom that all have access to and should attempt to attain.  Once you reach that point, you’ll realize you’re not tied down to any one place and the world makes itself more welcoming to you.

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