Live Your Life Extraordinarily 

Some lives are ordinary and others are extraordinary. What determines this? Why does this happen? Is it a matter of luck or do people have control over their destinies and can control the powers of the universe to work in their favor? I believe that each and every individual has the power to live the life they imagine and dream of. After all, everything that is now in existence was once only a simple thought in someone’s mind. Physical actualities come into existence through first being a mental thought and thoughts are processes we undoubtedly have full control over. It’s the one things that makes us remarkable and progresses the human race further; breaking limits and setting new ones only to challenge future generations to prove that we live a universe that is eternal, consisting of eternal possibilities.  

The conscious mind is the most powerful tool we process and unfortunately, many of us are unable, or unwilling, to activate this tool. Why? Perhaps because it require greater mind control, conscious presence of the mind, meditation to live in the current moment, ego control and overpowering the forces that have controlled us for a lifetime. It’s scary to allow oneself to go into the unknown, leave the comfort of the daily lifestyle. The unconscious mind has always attempted to put life and life events into controllable, predictable and systematic sequences and doesn’t like it when there’s a consciousness that awakens and attempts to realize it’s full power. I believe this awakening is the first step one takes towards enlightenment. Knowing there is something more and attempting to understand it, is the beginning of a path that leads one to self enlightenment.  

From the moment one realizes and attempts to overcome this dormant, controlled state, there’s no limits to the capacity of an individual to attract everything he/she wants into their lives. The realization that one lifetime is a small precious drop in an eternal universe is important to keep in mind as one makes decisions as to which direct they’d like to take their life.  

My own personal story must attest to this and hopefully gives people an understanding as to what it is I mean by the words written above. I look at my life thus far and am grateful for the journey and understand that there was a guiding force that has brought me to this point, is within me now and will always guide me through this one lifetime and the eternities beyond this one. Maybe it’s not a separate guiding force, rather it’s my own energy, often referred to as souls, that is attempting to reunite with me or at least with my conscious self.  

This force tells me that I need to live an extraordinary life, constantly reminds me how everything comes to an end and continues to give me an understanding that life passes you by and there’s nothing in the world that can slow it, stop it or reverse it. It only moves forward. It’s a star drifting through the darkness of space and the only thing I can do is use consciousness to put enough weight on a side to turn it towards the beautiful stars and galaxies in the distance rather than allow myself to continue to drift into darkness.  

This conscious awakening requires courage, a strong ability to overcome fears, a constant reminder that their is a higher power that is guiding us and lastly, and most importantly, the recognition that we are now, and always will be, in control of our life. We are the sole captains of this ship and therefore, hold both the compass and the power to steer in the direction our minds have set; there can be no doubting this.  

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