You become your thoughts 

Everything in the world was once only a mere thought or an image in a person’s mind that became a reality.  Inventors and architects merely think of great things and somehow, the powers of the universe give that to them. Similarly, you create your life by your thought patterns.  

Thinking you’re unhealthy will actually make you unhealthy – how powerful is that!  Well the good news is, it works the other way around as well.  If you have positive thought patterns, than surely your life outcomes will be a result of your positive thinking. 

The human brain is the most power organ known to mankind and if it controls every little detail of you entire body, than surely it must be something that’s trainable to  think and do good things.  If you imagine yourself to be well, you should be able to control your thoughts and channel them to allow the energies of the universe to make you well. 


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