Relax, Enjoy and Calm and Mind 

I tried meditation yesterday for the first time and found it to be one of the most difficult, and almost painful, things to do.  It was a hour class and like andythkng else that’s a new experience, I think that one must build a tolerance towards it.  A one hour class wasn’t a good idea because if you give a big glass of vegetable juice to a child for the first time and force them to drink it, obviously they’ll end up hating it for the rest of their lives. 

Instead that I realized was, hat this needs to begin with small doses.  Meditation is not something you can simply go into and turn off the mind.  Remember, the mind is the most power machine known to mankind and it’s activities are out of our control, both consciously and subconsciously.  Luckily, the subconscious mind is what helps keep us alive by allowing our body parts and cells to regenerate and allow us to breath when where asleep etc.  it’s these powerful subconscious mind behavior that I believe is most important to chance and affect during meditation. 

I’ve began this morning with a simple 5 minutes of meditation in which I remained still for 5 minutes.  I haven’t yet mastered 5 minutes without thought so I cannot go to the next level which is 10 minutes.  I’ll continue to do just five minutes until I go this amount of time without a single thought. 

Try it; put a stopwatch in from of you and reset it every time a thought comes to your mind that was unwanted, uncontrolled and subconscious.  In the beginning you’ll see that stop watch only last a few seconds at a time.  So far I’ve been able to pass the one minute marker and hope that you will too.  

Relax, enjoy and calm the mind …

Beach in winter time on Long Island

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