Allow yourself to lose control … and everything else 

Most of our problems arise from our inability to trust in the universe and its powers of attraction as well as the energies that create our lives.  We have this constant fear of losing control of our lives and that fear mostly is in our subconscious.  As I write more and more blogs here and send my messages into the universe, I’ll continue to use more personal examples. 

I was a person who consciously allowed the universe to shape my life and believed that all that happened was meant to happen.  I believed that if I thought of something than it was attracted into my life.  I did all this however the subconscious part of my mind, the significantly more powerful part, loved to control every aspect of my life.  I wanted to be the best at work and never allow myself to make a mistake and fail.  I wanted to be in control of my thoughts and emotions at all time.  I wanted to have a fit body and love a long life.  

Now all the above mentioned “controls” I had in my life sounds quite commmon to the average persons belief system however, let me show you what happened when I lost control. 

I was recently admired to the hospital for Rhabdomylosis, caused by excessive workout and high levels of Kreatin levels in my blood.  It’s here that I realized, I have no control over my body.  That s part of my body or an organ in my body and shut off whenever it wants and there’s nothing I can do about it.  With this discovery, I went into a serious of negative thinking that caused me to have extreme levels of anxiety and panic attacks for the first time in my life. 

One you realize you have no control, your mind begins to wonder what else do you not have control over.  I quickly learned that I couldn’t control my thoughts; they appeared randomly and since I couldn’t control them, that worried me and caused me anxiety.  I couldn’t control my dreams; had too many.  That also made me anxious because even my dreams and sleep, I wanted to be in control off. 

Lastly, I did my PRK LASIK eye surgery in September 1st 2016.  I had this episode of hospital admission happen to me nearly 5 months after my surgery and my recovery was to last 6-12 months.  Once I hit the 6th month and my results weren’t 100% there, I began to get nervous even though the doctor saw my eyes and said they’re still recovering and need s few more months.  My inability to control this healing proceeds actually caused me to have anxiety.  After all what is anxiety but once inability to control the current situation and expected outcomes.  

So I conclude by say that in order to find peace, you should eliminate your need for control from your life starting to do so conciously but being very aware of the the more powerful and much more important, subconscious thinking patterns. Allow the universe to set up your life and direct your life in an possible direction and know that in the end everything will be alright because everything that happened, wheather good or bad, was and will always be out of your control. 

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