Learn to lose everything and be okay with it. 

Loss and regret are perhaps the two most difficult feelings to overcome however, it’s absolutely necessary to overcome these feelings if you’d like to live a happy prosperous lifestyle.  I’ll share below some of the examples of loss one can face and how best to cope with them.  

Firstly we’ll begin with simple things such as loss of material goods.  If you lose something, especially if it’s something you absolutely love, than it’s natural to have that feeling of loss, sorrow and regret.  It’s how you change your mindset after this occurs that makes all the difference.  

In order to get past this initial state, we’ll have to firstly acknowledge it and accept it.  Allow oneself to pass through this storm, but not to pull down the sails and stay there forever.  While in this storm, reopen your compass guide and keep the ship steered towards the goal at hand with full sails high all the while experiences and allowing what’s currently happening; you can call this the feeling of hope. 

Hope is necessary to get through almost every diffficulty in life.  The moment we lose hope, we lose our ability to climb out of difficult situations.  Imagine that every time you fall into a deep hole, hope is the rope that will allow you to climb out.  The good thing about this, is that no matter how dark or deep the hole, the rope of hope is always somewhere nearby; simply search and you’ll find it.  

Equally as important as finding hope is building the strength of that rope you’ll use to climb out of sadness and loss.  That’s determined by your willpower and your minds’ ability to either build more threads on that rope or tear it away with your thoughts and emotions.  In the end of it all, you’re always in control of your life, no matter which way you decide to go.

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