Overcome Your Fears .. One Fear At A Time

On a recent trip to Peru, I learned that overcoming your own fears is perhaps one of the most rewarding things that one can do in his/her life.  Before I go into my examples and what I did to overcome my fears, I’d first like to draw some context regarding my situation and health.  I was recently dismissed from the hospital and immediately following that, I began to have a high level of fear in which I feared everything from breaking down physically such as losing an organs, to fearing the darkness due to my vision.

Now that I was constantly in a high state of fear due to my hospitalization, I realized that I was suffering from PTSD and taking medications to help me feel better.  My trip to Peru was coming up and I wasn’t sure if I should go or not.  Even during the final hours, I was unsure and called the airline companies to cancel my flight – which they denied a refund for.

I decided to overcome my first fear, walk out of my house and heading towards the airport.  My second fear dad flying on a plane.  My third fear was landing in Cusco, Peru and facing the altitude.  My fourth fear was climbing Machu Picchu.  One and one it went and as I overcame each fear, I became a stronger person.  I learned today, that the term for this process is called habituation.  I encourage everyone to look this word up and use this technique to overcome your own fears.

Following my hospitalization, I felt as if someone had turned on all of my fear switches and I was working to constantly turn them off one by one – which I did with each passing day.

I continue to do so today and am determined to end my medication because I feel that I do not need an external input into my body that was never there before.  I have full confidence that my body and brain are on a great healing path and I shall not turn away from such a belief.

I hope that all people find a way to overcome their fears one by one.  Challenge yourself to overcome one fear everyday and you’ll feel good every time your defeat this fear that is nothing more then a simple thought in your mind – mostly delusional and irrational, completely disconnected from reality.

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