Universal Heart and Soul 

We all have a universal heart and soul.  We’re eternal spiritual beings having a temporary human experience in this world; I truly believe that. Our only purpose here and now is to experience the here and now.  We’re drifting souls, wandering the earth – looking for ourselves yet we never seem to arrive, simply because we decided never to go!

That is why traveling is so important for the soul.  We are energies that have always traveled the universe and we traveled this far to come here at this moment in time and space.  How incredible is that!  To know that we are so much more than our body is such a trilling yet frightening discovery.  It’s exciting to know that we, as well as everything else in this world, emanated from energy and are itself energy.  When our bodies die, we release energy into the earth and the universe, which in turn powers other life forms.

What I’d like for you to understand here is that your time in this body is very short and the world is a big place to explore.  Every breath is a countdown to the end of this temporary experience but it’s not the end of you.  After this experience, your soul will wander the universe in search of it’s next adventure and there you will live again in another life form that your mind currently doesn’t have the capacity to even comprehend.

Therefore travel and travel often because it is your birth right and in your very DNA to do so.  There’s a reason why traveling makes us feel ALIVE because we were born to do this.  It’s also my belief that one can never see everything in one lifetime because the more we see, the more we discover and the longer our list gets!

It’s important to understand that your body is mortal yet your soul is eternal and immortal.  The soul continues to explore the universe long after the body has ended.  So the next time you’re about to board a plane or begin any type of travel, understand what a powerful journey you’re on and how special it is that you’ve made this decision to follow your nature.  It is so much more then a journey from point A to B, it’s a wandering spirit following its heart and soul.



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