Understand That There’s A Time For Everything 

Wouldn’t it be incredibly freeing to let go of your worry by simply reminding yourself that there’s a time to worry and a time not to worry?  That is the power of the universe at work – when you let go of control and trust that you must go through a certain experience.

I first heard about this saying from Wayne Dyer a few years ago but only recently did I experience it and am currently living through it. I’m currently going through a severe depression and am taking medications for it (Zoloft, Abilify and Klonopin).  At first I resisted the medications but soon realized that I really needed them and had to accept them.  I told myself that there is a time for this to happen to me and right now I need the medicines.

In the last few months, I’ve gone through every emotional and physicological experiences one can have.  I’ve had anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, exsessive fear etc.  I’ve been diagnosed by my therapist as having acute anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, depression, mood disorder and I don’t even know what she’ll say next.  But through all of this I’ve come out of it and decided not to give it a name.  I’m just in an unnatural state of mind and am slowly recovering and returning to my natural state.

I know for a fact that I’m already a better person then I used to be.  I’m wiser, appreciate small things and moments, value friendship and family and have learned that there are far worse things in life then what I’m experiencing.

One thing has gotten me through this terrible experience and that is always reminding myself that there’s a time for everything.  It’s time for me to continue on through this storm and through it all, I continue to remind myself that right now, there’s a time for this and soon there will be a time to be happy.  I know that when I get out on the other side, things will be very different – but that’s okay, I have faith that all will be well.

MLK once said “faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the entire staircase”.  So with that saying in mind, I continue to take each step, not knowing when or where it will bring me.  I simply know that I need to keep going on because I’m feeling better and better with every timid step.

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