Iceland – A Magical Adventure

Magical Travel Experience of Iceland for Iceland Lover

We landed in Iceland on a brisk and rainy late evening in October.  With 72 hrs in Iceland and 24 hrs of driving ahead of us, we were looking forward to what was sure to be an epic adventure of a lifetime.  Luckily, my buddy Hank decided to join me on this journey and boy did he come in handy!

Hank took on most of the driving (actually all of it since I can’t drive manual cars) and he did it in style – getting pulled over by Icelandic police for speeding seconds from leaving the airport.  It really is true what they say; Icelandic people are quite friendly, so we got off with a warning.  What’s not so friendly are their speeding cameras which caught us beautifully one night as Hankie boy was hitting the pedal hard to quickly get some rest at the awaiting Icelandic airline’s hotel in the southern rim.  We would arrive home to a classic mug shot of the two of us zooming through the magical wonderlands and backroads of this unforgettably beautiful country – a trophy I’d happily keep and share with my friends on our next dinner night.


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