After a storm

I prepare for my last adventure of 2017 – a year that has been … well I don’t know exactly what to say and how to put into a descriptive form what I have been through.  I was sailing so smoothly along the path of the trade winds yet somewhere along the way my vessel found itself in the middle of a dark and thunderous storm.  My ship carried on it, everything and everyone I had met along my journey in this world so far.

The longer I was in the storm, the stronger the winds and currents became.  I was slowly losing parts of the ship that I had built over my 29 years; all was uncertain.  I realized that there was so much more to life that I wanted to do.  There were ancients steps that waited for me to climb them, mountains that still held a view for me at the very top, sunsets that had wisdom to offer me and so much more.  I knew that If I made it out of this storm, then I would have a new appreciation for life.

When I finally made it out of the storm, the very winds that tested me, now began to propel me.  I once again gained control of the wheel as the first few rays of light began to shine through the disappearing dark clouds.  Once I set myself on my new course, I looked back at the storm that was now in the very distant – both in distance and in memory.  I saw all that I had lost in that storm and felt incredible sadness.  After all, These were the things that defined who I was and shaped my life.

Then I did something that began to help me tremendously.  I stopped looking at the rear of my ship and instead, focused my attention entirely to the present and what’s ahead.  I came out of the storm losing the very things I though would be with me forever.  This gave me an even greater appreciation for what I have left.

I have learned to appreciate the little things and the small circle of individuals who supported me through the toughest journey of my life.  I have learned to let go of and forgive those who are no longer with me on this journey and understand that it was the universe and the powers of nature that tested my ship and it’s companions.

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