Must have travel accessories

Must have Travel Accessories

I’ve travelled quite a bit by now and have come to realize that there are some very important things to that one should always carry during any travel, especially international travels. Whenever I or any of my family or friends travel somewhere abroad, I give everyone a few tips about must have travel accessories before they travel.

1. An international travel adapter and charger

This is probably the first thing I pack before putting in anything into my travel bag.  It’s a small but extremely important accessory to have.  After all, that little device in your pocket is what’s going to help you navigate the new city you’re in, find your hotel, give you ratings of the local restaurants, call and communicate with family and friends back home and last and most importantly, take your Instagram photos!  Even if you brought your phone charger with you, it’ll be useless unless you have one of these international chargers.  My personal favourite and a rather cheap option is this one:

2.  Portable battery pack

So once you have the international charger covered, I’d highly recommend getting yourself a portable battery pack.  It’s extremely helpful to have one of these for emergencies where there’s no outlet around and you need some juice for your devices.  I feel a lot better travelling and having one of these in my backpack because the last thing I want is to wander a city and get lost as the sun is setting and not having a phone to guide me back to my hotel. Although there are plenty of cheap ones to chose from, I’m just a big fan of all Anker products because they offer incredible value and quality. I’ve had this for some time now and personally use this one:

3.  Wireless headphones with a wire

Okay so this sounds crazy but stay with me here.  You have to have a wireless headphone so that wire isn’t dangling around everywhere and catching onto the seats as you’re walking down the plane aisle to the back.  Wireless headphones allow you to escape the brutally stressful, loud and noisy airport terminal and allow you to listen to your favourite music while waiting in line for your check-in.  However, you have to get a wireless charger that has both a noise cancellation feature and a wire plug-in option.  After all, the worst thing is to use up your wireless headphones battery life by the time you sit down and realize there’s a family with a baby right behind you. I recommend this one as it’s cheap and of high quality:

4.  Travel bag with wheels

It’s cool and all to have that awesome backpack with you that’s larger than yourself and need two people to get in onto your back, but please, take my word for it: learn to travel light and keep the weight off your back as much as possible.  You’re travelling, you don’t need to stress out your body and your lower back and shoulders by always carrying that weight on you.  Get yourself a carry-on size bag that also has wheels and can be converted from a rolling bag to backpack whenever needed.  I use the wheels on my bag about 90% of the time but often, the backpack conversion feature comes in handy (i.e the cobblestone streets of Rome etc.).  I personally have an Eddie Bauer one but it was purchased a long time ago so I couldn’t find it for you guys.  I did some search on Amazon and if I needed one, I’d buy this:

5.  Passport holder and small wallet

Lastly, one of the most overlooked things is your passport protector.  If you’re like me, you don’t trust to leave your passport anywhere when you’re travelling.  This is especially true for you hostel travellers out there.  I just got a new passport and it’s already badly damaged from being in my pocket over the last three trips I went on.  The last time I was at the airport in Costa Rica, I was almost not allowed to board the plane because they said my passport wasn’t in well-kept condition.  Fortunately, the manager on duty at the kiosk desk let me go with a warning and told me to get a new passport as soon as I got home – which I did as soon as possible.  I learned my lesson very quickly and got a passport holder and protector.

I also recommend this one because it has an RFID protector (and because it’s the cheapest and best looking one on Amazon).  RFID proof wallets and holders have become increasingly popular and a requirement in my opinion.  Without one of these, tech-savvy thieves can simply walk past you, point their scanning devices at your wallet or purses and pull data form anything you have in there that has a chip (i.e. wallet, ID, credit cards etc.).  I did a four-day tour in Istanbul, Turkey and four days stay in Athens, Greece in December of 2014. When I returned home, I had a $6,000 charge on my American Express credit card, listed simply as “uniforms”.  I had not used that card anywhere in Turkey or Greece because AMEX is usually not available anywhere outside the US.  My first reaction was that of panic and distress as I had never experienced something like this before.  The AMEX representative told me that RFID devices are used all around the world to steal information and that I should get one of these.  This is the cheapest and nicest looking one I could find, but feel free to look around on your own:

Well, that’s all I have for now.  If you have any questions, please feel free to write to me anytime.  Also, If you have a must-have travel accessory that you’d like to recommend to me, please let me know.  Best of travels!



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