We have magical powers

Conscious creations have incredible magical powers.

We can race the sun

Climb to reach stars

The higher we go, the more the stars fall

I see them now

Beneath me as I look at the land I lifted myself from

It all depends what you see when you look

I ask myself, is all of this real

Did I create this universe

Did I come into this universe to explore it

Did I come out of this universe to admire it

I can make the sunrise

I can make the sun burn higher

I can make the air whistle

I can change the shape of the moon

All I have to do is capture and control time

I try to hold it but it speeds faster

I hope to control it but it doesn’t like that

It ask me to watch as we work together

I do and I see beautiful things

It all depends on how we choose to look

We have incredible magical powers don’t we

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