RoundTripeo is the adventurous blog of world traveller constantly seeking out new experiences and adventures. I truly believe that one’s time in this world is limited and the quality of one’s life is determined solely by the memories created and experiences had. I know that sounds pretty simple and not something new to most people but it amazes me how most people have gotten so lost in their daily lives that they’ve forgotten what’s truly important in life.

My goal in life is simple: to see and experience as much of it as possible. I wish to see the northern lights in Iceland, sleep under the stars in the deserts of Chile, watch a sunset in the Sahara, watch a mass migration in the Serengeti, swim with sea turtles in the Great Barrier Reef and do much much more as time flies and my life on this planet comes to an end.

I think it’s important for people to seek out and realize how small they are in a universe that’s eternal and to realize that their time alive in the now state is just a grain of sand in an eternal desert. I believe we as human beings are afraid to admit that our life isn’t as significant as we’d like to believe. We constantly look for meaning in our life and ask ourself what the world will remember us for. It’s okay to not be “remembered” for anything as long as you left this world a little better then you found it. That can be done with simple acts of kindness towards those you meet along your travels.

My biggest regret in life would not be that I didn’t see all of it, or all that was on my list – no that simply won’t be because I have already accepted that that will never happen. This world is too big and there’s so much to experience that one lifetime isn’t enough to do it all. My biggest regret will be to never have tried to see the whole world or to never attempt to walk down the path that I knew was my true life calling.

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